Your Key To Success: learning from mistakes

learning from mistake

Never view a mistake as a negative, but rather a positive. Think of it as a gift given to you by the universe to say it’s okay, it didn’t work out the way you wanted, but let’s look at it together to see how we can correct it for next time.

When I was beginning my journey through the ranks of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu I made mistakes all the time. I felt ashamed at first, worried what others would think of me. I quickly learned it’s the best tool to truly access yourself. To many people try to cover up their mistakes, they worry how others would perceive them. I’ve seen grown adult students throw a temper tantrum on the mat when they get tapped out by their partner, some go as far as run to the washroom to cry or let their steam out.

When I make a mistake, I give myself time to deeply reflect on it. It helps me understand how I got to that situation in the first place allowing me to make corrections immediately. Sometimes the answer does not come to me right away, it is here I turn to consult with someone with more experience in the area.

I thoroughly enjoy exploring answers to these puzzles, mistakes are all a part of the journey to excellence. Embrace it you will raise, shun it you will be lead down the road to mediocrity. In life, business, and relationships we can use this concept to continually build the life we dream of.

I’ve seen friends who suffered through terrible first marriages who end up finding love and happiness in their second marriage. I ask them what they did differently, they said well basically the first marriage was almost like a trial run, they made a serious of mistakes. However, when deciding to re-marry again they learned what they truly wanted. As well, their disputes from the first marriage prepared them to better handle challenges or avoid them all together. Knowing this information helped them find a partner better suited for them, someone who aligned more with their core values.

The problem is to many of us dwell on mistakes we made from the past. A failed business transaction, hurting someone we love, missing out on an investment opportunity, or failing to make a key play in a game costing your team the victory. When a mistake happens you need to realize that it may not be possible to always correct it, just let it go and move on. You will be more productive focusing on things you can do something about as opposed to having a mistake from the past linger in your mind.

Champions never let a mistake shake their confidence, they are ready at a moment’s notice to make it right the first instance it happens. You can see this in high performing athletes like Tom Brady or Michael Jordan, even when they make a mistake they always find a way to adjust, shifting the balance in their favor.

Another key point, champions study and learn from other people’s mistakes. When seeking advice from a more experienced individual don’t just tell them about your mistakes, ask them what are some of the biggest mistakes they made. Most successful people would be more than happy to share their experience with you to avoid having you go through the same difficulties.

As the saying goes, a mistake is only a mistake if you repeat it a second time. Accept your mistakes, quickly look for a solution, if there isn’t any ask yourself the question, “what did I learn?” How can I do it better the next time? Be a champion by always tipping the balance in your favor.

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