Why World Class Performers Never Believe The World Owes Them Anything

Chicago Bulls Jimmy Butler Inspirational Rise To The Top

With the excitement of the NBA all-star game being held in Toronto for the first time I couldn’t have been any happier to see my favorite team the Raptors showcase their city but also have two of their very own all-stars, Kyle Lowry and Demar Derozan partake in the big game.

Being an all-star is a great accomplishment, it takes many years of hard work, dedication to their chosen craft, and many more hours staying in the gym while most players have gone home.

One individual’s rise to the all-star game really caught my attention, his name is Jimmy Butler of the Chicago Bulls. His journey was truly an inspirational story of overcoming life’s challenges.

Growing up without a father at an early age, he was kicked out of his home at the age of 13 by his mother who didn’t like the looks of him. With no money, family support and being passed on from foster home to foster home, Jimmy was eventually taken in during his senior year of high school by the Leslie family who already had seven children of their own to support.

His road to the NBA proved to be difficult as he was not heavily recruited by colleges due to his high school coach who did not believe young Jimmy had the skills to succeed at the next level. Instead of quitting and listening to his coach’s opinion he enrolled at a nearby junior college where he quickly made a name for himself. Big colleges took notice and Jimmy was offered scholarship to Marquette.

In 2011, the Chicago Bulls selected Jimmy 30th overall in the 1st round of the NBA draft.
What an incredible story of perseverance despite the odds. He could have easily fell victim to crime and drugs, ending up as another statistic. This man could have given every reason to veer off his path to success.
He had every reason to be angry at the world, at the mother who kicked him to the curb as a teen, having to be passed from home to home, and a coach that doubted his abilities. However, Jimmy would have none of it. Jimmy was not going to be another broken dream statistic.

We can learn a valuable lesson from Jimmy Butler on how we can champion our own lives to achieve our highest potential. I will discuss today an important key success principle seen in all world class performers such as CEO’s, elite athletes, award winning musicians or authors; which is they don’t believe the world owes them anything.

People who lack this mindset believe their problems are unique and they are more deserving of success over others. Jimmy Butler is an outstanding example of how one can choose to respond to tragic situations.

Ask yourself some of these questions…

Are you a struggling business owner who resents the competition for out hustling you for market share?

Are you extremely jealous of your friend who enjoys a great romantic relationship while you constantly fight with your partner?

Did your co-worker get a promotion over you leaving you fuming because you believed you were the better qualified candidate?

The next time you feel life owes you something, think of Jimmy Butler’s rise to the top of the NBA. Learn to deal with your life challenges without resorting to a victim mentality. The question you need to ask is, okay this has happened to me, what can I do to change my situation starting today? We all have choices in life. What is yours?

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