What is Mental Toughness?


winnerSuperstar athletes perform their best in pressure filled situations. They are able to transcend their game to another level when it matters the most. The key difference separating a superstar athlete from the rest is the ability to master their emotions. Whether you are an elite athlete, amateur, or a corporate executive looking to improve your performance, mental toughness training with Raz Chan will take you to the top.

With over 40 years in competitive athletics, martial arts as a coach, competitor, and businessman, Raz Chan understands the mental strength it takes to to take your game to the next level. Learn how to manage stress and turn it into a source of strength, overcome long standing fears, deal with performance anxiety to excel to the highest level.


As your coach, you will discover how to…

  • Remove mental roadblocks to success
  • Develop inner peace removing brain chatter or negative self-talk
  • Reduce and perform in stressful situations
  • Attain and develop laser focus on goals
  • Build unshakeable confidence, resilience, and determination
  • Use ancient Chinese exercise therapy tai-chi qigong to improve concentration
  • Facing challenges and using them to propel you to the next level
  • Get over fears, worry, anxiety, and doubt
  • Master your emotions
  • Use visualization to further success
  • Believe in yourself feeling self-empowered