Youth Achievement


Professor Chan’s Human Excellence Project has been actively involved in raising charitable funds to help kids from disadvantaged  homes. His work helps youth improve educational and athletic achievement while developing their potential as future leaders.

His GoFundMe campaign has raised close to $3000 for a elementary school robotics program and after school sports for 12th Avenue Elementary. Recently, one of Canada’s largest communication providers Shaw Communications selected Professor Chan as a recipient of a $1500 grant in recognition as one of Canada’s  extraordinary Canadians going the extra mile to improve the lives of youth. This grant will be added to the growing donations.

His mission is to implement the Human Excellence Project into every inner city school around the world to help kids build confidence, reduce stress, improve athletic and academic performance.



Support The Human Excellence Project in your Community!

If you would like to get involved in this project in your area or have Professor Raz speak at your organization, please contact at 604-839-2838 or email