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Celebrate Chinese New Year By De-cluttering Your Life


Gung Hay Fat Choy everyone! It’s Sunday and Chinese people around the world are celebrating Chinese New Year. Today I will be cleaning up my house, getting haircut, and basically ridding my life of clutter. The Chinese believe the New Year is about getting rid of all the old omens to ring in the new year with a fresh start, in hopes of providing one with more prosperity, luck, and happiness.

My wife washed all the bed linens, pillow cases, and together we cleaned up our house. I even got a bag to get rid of things we no longer used, appliances, clothes, basically stuff that was hanging around the house that serve no purpose.

The Chinese believe in the flow of energy through the household known as Feng Siu. Blocking this energy robs the household the ability to prosper. So if your career or life haven’t been going as well as you planned in 2015 it’s time to have a look around your living space. Check out if you have anything laying on the floor or your tables.

I remember my parents when I was a kid practiced Feng Siu diligently. I merely thought it was a bunch of non-sense. At the time we were dirt poor. My father was struggling to make ends meet and the household was a nightly battleground for arguments over money.

Today many years later, they are living a life of success. Was it partly due to their practice of Feng Siu? I really don’t know to tell you the truth, but what I will say is by practicing it, it has helped me changed my mindset on how I organize my daily life.

One of the fundamental principles of being productive is ensuring you are organized. Being organized is more than just having your work space look nice and tidy. To be truly organized requires the right mindset and a way of living. To me it’s almost like a new year’s resolution to lose weight, many will aim to adopted a healthier lifestyle but fail to follow through after the first month. It’s no wonder why health clubs make so much money off people who never use their memberships.

It’s important not to just put your mess in a place where no one can see it. Instead, figure out a way to start making a habit of being organized. For example, when you check your mailbox there are usually all kinds of junk mail. Instead of bringing it into your house, toss it immediately in the recycling bin. I used to have a habit of dropping all the mail on my dining room table. Before you know it, a pile of junk mail starts accumulating over the course of a few weeks. Having your house or office clear of this mess will reduce your stress, giving you mental clarity.

Here are some ways on becoming a black belt in personal organization:

1. Develop a new mindset to organizing your space. Practice self-awareness to recognize which things serve you in a positive manner. Constantly ask yourself do I really need to keep this around? If not toss it.

2. Get rid of clothes and shoes. Donate them to your local charity store. I get rid of things if I haven’t worn them in a year.

3. Figure out what is important in your life. What are your goals and do these items resonate with what you are trying to achieve? A prime example is your kitchen cupboard. I bet you can find expired cans of food or appliances you no longer use. The cupboard may contain junk food which could work against your new goal of living a healthier lifestyle. Clear out the junk food as it serves as a reminder to where you were before not where you want to be.

4. Identify your core principles. Many years ago I thought having nice fancy clothes was important to me. Many years later I ended up with a bunch of designer clothing cluttering up my space. I realized I valued simplicity and living a minimalist lifestyle based on experiencing life to its fullest, not by the flashy clothes I wore.

Make sure you organize the possessions around your core values. What is important to you? Get rid of things that are not important to you. People tend to keep things as it identifies who they are. I know a friend who has two beat up cars in his driveway sitting there for years. Much to the chagrin of his wife he tells me he wants to fix them up. In the meantime, he can barely keep up with the tasks in his daily life.

What do you value most in your life? Organize your things around those values.

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photo credit: Chinese New Year Parade 2012 via photopin (license)

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