Negative Thoughts and Health – Easy Steps To Help You Successfully Reach Your Exercise Goals

Do not think negative I’m so horrible. My performance was a disaster. I’m useless. Are these the words you use during an exercise session? Are they used as a part of your daily vocabulary? Many us don’t realize how bad thinking habits can have a profound effect on our success. My goal here is to help you understand how negative thoughts and health go hand and hand when it comes to determining your exercise success.

Often that little voice inside our head begins to question our abilities. We battle this little inner voice every day. Most often we believe these thoughts to be true even though most of the time they are not. This can further impact you if you are suffering from depression and anxiety. People who suffer from these conditions will tend to have more of these moments of self-doubt.

To combat this problem you need to intercept these negative thought patterns when they occur. First, you must not take the negative thought seriously. Next, you have to ask yourself is in really true or false. In most cases you will quickly find out it is not.

I used to take everything to heart and personally as true. All it did was weigh down my daily life not allowing me to focus on enjoying what it has to offer. Take time to step back a little to reflect. Than take the necessary steps to eliminate these negative thoughts. It will reduce your stress and anxiety levels. By doing so you will feel motivated to succeed in important things in life such as wealth generation, relationships, and exercise.

Learning how to rid yourself of negative thoughts will help improve your mood. By doing so you will remove a major obstacle in preventing you from completing an exercise program successfully.

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I remember when I was once plagued by negative thoughts. At the time I thought it was a normal part of life. A black cloud seemed to follow me everywhere and things never seemed to work out for me. I felt and began to believe this was my fate in life. I falsely assumed I was dealt with this hand and had to learn to accept it. Every day I walked around angry with the entire weigh on my shoulders.

I even became that dreaded emotional vampire without even being aware of it. For those of you who don’t know what an emotional vampire is I will quickly define it. An emotional vampire is someone who exhibits the following traits:

1. Toxic personality

2. Constantly complaining how the world is so unfair

3. Magnifying their own personal problems by making them bigger than everyone else’s.

4. Quick to lay blame, and judge others while failing to accept responsibility for their own actions.

5. Constantly looking for an audience to listen to their negative rant

6. Sucks the positive energy from the people around them.

One day I finally woke up and realized I was going to continue down this downward spiral if I didn’t start addressing the issue. I reached down deep inside my soul and began to realign my thinking patterns. It has brought tremendous positive lasting changes to all areas in my life. I can’t believe how amazing the journey has been since that aha moment. Is everyday all rosy? No I am not saying that at all. There are days where I have to deal with surprises. However, the way I handle and view these situations are vastly different now.

In the past, I would have reacted with anger and defensiveness thereby contributing to the toxic environment. Now I look at it as just a temporary nuisance that you step around to continue on your beautiful journey.

Your Words Affect Your Success


I have to admit I used to have a very foul mouth. Dropping the f bomb seemed to come out of every second word. I began to notice how these words affected my life and the people around me. It made me feel angry and quite often put me into an aggressive state of mind. Plus who wants to around a person who is always miserable or engages in that type of behavior. Nobody wants to be around a person who does not contribute to meaningful conversation. These people offer no value. All they do is bring everyone down.

So be careful in the way you speak to yourself or others. You may not realize or be aware you are doing this. I know I wasn’t for many years and I’ve hurt many people’s feelings along the way without knowing.

Words have a significant impact on us. There have been studies done on the effect of words on humans. For example., if I were to ask two individuals to comment on a car accident. One may say the cars “hit” each other while the other may say they “smashed” each other.

The word “smashed” obviously has a greater impact. So what am I getting at here? If you use self-doubting talk such as I suck, I’m stupid, I’m a retard, or I’m terrible. I want you to stop today!

There was an interesting experiment done by Dr. Masaru Emoto on the affect of words on water crystals. Since humans are made up of mostly water, words can have a profound affect on us. Check out this interview with Dr. Emoto:

Instead of putting yourself down after an exercise succession by saying I performed terribly today. Start looking for positives in your performance. Don’t lie by saying it was awesome but find ways to not make the experience a negative one. Doing so will only cause your mind to remember it as a negative experience thus reducing your motivation.

My suggestion would be to reword it to say something along the lines of, “well it wasn’t my best performance but I was tired from a stressful day at work and still managed to go hard for 30 minutes. I just ran out of gas towards the end.”

I always tell my students and clients when they get down on themselves that they are great. I point out the positives of their performance reminding them that a mistake is not a mistake unless you do it twice.

Keep in mind, if you suffer from anxiety or depression, events such as these are magnified even more. You begin to take things to heart more than a non-sufferer. Suffers of anxiety and depression look at the world in more of a black and white fashion. So if you fall into this category you need to be extra careful in how you use your words when engaging in self-talk. I will touch upon this topic in a future post as I can write an entire book on this issue alone.

If you look at your performance honestly you will find things are not as bad as you might have thought earlier. Once you practice this technique more success will come your way. You will begin to achieve things you never thought were possible.

Thank you for stopping by again to read my latest post. I hope you are all doing well wherever you are in the world. Once again feel free to comment, Like, Tweet, and Share this article with your friends.

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