The © CHAMP Mental Toughness Program was created by Professor Raz Chan as an all encompassing program to build better performing athletes combining principles from western sports psychology, nutrition, neurosciences, body language research, and eastern techniques from martial arts, traditional Chinese medicine. It is the only program of its kind in the world blending the best of the East and West to enhance performance both on and off the field. The CHAMP Mental Toughness Model helps develop the following…

Courage & Creativity

Success in sports and life requires over come fear of failure. A competition is a series of problems to be solved. Learning to think out of the box quickly under pressure is a characteristic of star athletes.

Honor & Health

High performers honor their commitments to excellence and accept responsibility for their personal success. To be mentally tough requires energy. Without energy one cannot be motivated to perform at their best.


Developing self-awareness enables athletes to make better decisions especially when they know what triggers can effect their performance. The ability to stop negative thoughts from taking over not only helps an athlete perform better but provides them with greater confidence knowing they are in control.


Learning how to stay in the present, manage stress and performance anxiety are the keys to success for star athletes. Worrying about the past or future hampers performance. Staying focused on the now is what matters most.


Young athletes  cannot be motivated without passion. Helping them discover their personal WHY allows them to relax and enjoy the sport. When an athlete loves what they do they wake up each day with the desire to give it their best.


Mental Toughness for Athletic Performance – Raz Chan provides mental toughness coaching for young athletes, collegiate and professional athletes of all levels. Through our system we have helped competitors develop their inner game leading them to the awards podium.



Why Mental Toughness for Athletes? All great athletes have coaches, Michael Jordan had Phil Jackson, Wayne Gretzky had Glen Sather, and Muhammad Ali had Angelo Dundee. The coach offers another set of eyes, pointing out mistakes the athlete may have missed. Imagine if you didn’t have a coach for practice or sitting on the sidelines guiding you. Where would your game be? Coaches help bring out the very best in their athletes. However, one may still have great physical gifts but cannot seem to put it all together when it matters the most during the actual game.

The reason for under performing may not be due to lack of physical skill but rather the inability to deal with pressure to perform causing one to lose focus. This is where a coach can come in to help work with your inner game, helping your overcome mental obstacles holding your back from reaching your goals.

How does mental toughness coaching work?                                         

    1. We do a personal assessment
    2. Implement a plan for habit change
    3. Conduct daily exercises
    4. Weekly meetings to check-in on progress & hold client accountable
    5. Email exchange between coach and client is available

    What does mental toughness training involve?

    • Take inventory of fears and challenges & systematically eliminate them.
      Hone in on areas of struggles to turn them into strengths
      Analyze areas in your game that are weak and work on a game plan to improve them
      Email support anytime you need us to answer a question
      What results can I expect from mental toughness training?
      Increase confidence
      Mental clarity
      Ability to management game time anxiety and stress
      Learn how to get into a flow state or zone
      Overcome long standing fears
      Use setbacks as a form of motivation
      Reach goals by managing time more effectively
      Develop inner peace
      Create successful habits of champions

    Ideal for…

    • High school athletic teams
    • Martial artists
    • College teams
    • Semi-pro teams
    • Professional sports teams
    • Individual athletes

    How is Mental Toughness Training Conducted?

    There are 3 ways I work with my clients…

    • Private coaching
    • Workshops (In Person or Webcast)
    • Keynote speaking


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