Mastering The Daily Art of Human Excellence

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Successful people always look at every angle to improve their skills no matter how much success they achieve. In the martial arts world, a master never stops learning even when they achieve the prestigious rank of black belt. A true master always considers themselves a student first and foremost, constantly seeking further knowledge to improve upon what they have learned over the years.

This way of concept of continual self-improvement is not limited to the martial arts, but can be applied to any part of your life, whether it be business, relationships, or health. To be a great leader one most continually study other successful leaders, find mentors, or attend conferences to share ideas with their peers.

When I was rising up the ranks in the martial arts world I visited many academies around North America to get a deeper perspective and understanding of my sport. Not only did I gain more knowledge but I forged great lifelong relationships with top people in the field who are just a phone call away if I have questions.

Prior to deciding to visit these gyms I had a deep seated fear which could have prevented me from going. I feared being looked at as incapable, or not worthy of their time. Yes, there were a couple of people who dismissed me as some beginner with no value but the ones who were truly great were generous with their knowledge.

What I’m saying is don’t be intimidated to go to that networking event with all the top CEO’s or decision makers. Remember you might be just starting out your new business or you may not have reached the manager level yet, but keep mind these top execs’ all started the same as you, the bottom.

Understand you have tremendous value to bring to the table. By mastering the art of daily excellence you will surely become an expert in your field in due time. Like the road to black belt, take each day to focus working on the most important activity that will move your closer to your goals. Develop new skills, new attitudes and insights through continuous learning. Books, DVD’s, online courses, live seminars, or finding a mentor can all contribute to this growing process.

The problem is most people get stuck when they become intimidated at the sacrifice needed to be their best. They stand at the bottom of the mountain looking at the peak in the distance and tell themselves forget it, it’s too much pain, I rather not try at all.

Remember, you do not climb the biggest mountain in one day. It takes careful planning of what is required to make the trip a success: food, adequate equipment, and per-cautions for any possible things that could go wrong.

Approach your life of achieving excellence the same way. Start small by dedicating 30 to 60 minutes a day to personal development on a subject you are deeply passionate about. Schedule it into your calendar to make it habit. I like to read an hour before I go to bed on my area of expertise. Sometimes I will do more on the weekend. It has changed my life as growing up I was not avid reader except maybe comic books. However, implementing this strategy in my life has made me feel whole, continually educated, and smart.

Mastering the art of human excellence will pave the golden road to your goals and future success. Stay focused and disciplined, in time you will stand above the rest.

Question: What are you doing on a daily basis to become a person of excellence? Are there any books or courses you are currently taking? If yes, please feel free to share what it is and how it has helped you? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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