How To Stop Procrastination and Show Gratitude By Developing A Black Belt Mindset

Last week I had the great pleasure of inspiring a group of high school students on maximizing their potential. One of the key points I wanted to impart on the young minds is to get rid of negative news and people in their lives. I explained how one can spend so much time each day being consumed by social media posts or terrible news events we have no control over.

What we do have control of is our thoughts and minds. I challenged them to eliminate time wasters such as social media posts that have really no benefit to them. Instead, spend an hour each day of personal development such as learning a new skill, reading an article that helps improve your life, meditate, workout, and stretch your comfort zone.

Secondly, surround yourself with positive role models and successful people with integrity. Be around people who can share their successful experiences with you. It is true we become who we hang out with. If you want to become successful in business than you seek out those people to include in your circles.

I started practicing this concept and number of years ago. It had such a tremendous positive effect I kicked it into high gear last year by eliminating people from my life who didn’t share my journey, who weren’t interested in helping others succeed, fair weather people who only contacted you when they need something, and most importantly people who are only with you to hitch a ride on your success.

There is never a day I am not amazed at what has come about from this experiment. Just the past two weeks I was offered two opportunities of a lifetime, one friend who is a multimillionaire has asked me to team up with him to speak at events. Another gentleman, a retired millionaire in Portugal asked me if I was interested in speaking at a personal development conference he is planning on organizing next year.

At times, I find myself pitching myself asking if this is real. Many years ago when I was down in the dumps I could never have dreamed of this. The interesting thing is I never went looking for these opportunities. They came to me and I truly believe it’s the universe helping me push my message of inspiration around the globe. To keep paying it forward to others. These individuals came into my life for a reason. What’s beautiful is none of them have ever asked me for anything in return. I truly believe this would have not have happened if I didn’t eliminate the negative influences in my life. My message for you today is to inspire others to do better especially the ones struggling and continue to give to others all the time not just Christmas.

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