How To Live A Good Life Without Regrets – Secrets To Living The Life You Desire

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Many of us dream to live the best life possible. As kids we are wide eyed always looking forward to the start of a new day. Everything thing around us is a new experience. New smells, new sights, fun experiences we will cherish forever and some not so memorable ones. It’s during this period in our lives which we often share to others our dreams. As youngsters we aspire to a great life as the years roll by. As we begin to get older some will find they are on a beautiful journey while others begin to veer off the track.

The older we get, the more reflective we become as time passes by. I know I reflect more on my life now that I’ve reached my forties. It ‘s during this period you start to think about how much time you have left on this earth. Friends or family members begin to show signs of age related illnesses. You begin to realize how precious time is and how we can better maximize our time on this planet.

Many of the common things I hear from people who hit their forties and beyond is regret. For some it can be a financial situation where they wished they had took a risk when they were younger. By not going forward with it others became wealthy while they missed out on the opportunity.

For others it could have been not spending more time with a love one before they passed away. I had a cousin who I had reconnected with after 22 years. We were close in age so we had lots to share. Unfortunately he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and passed away four years ago. Till this day I miss him terribly. My biggest regret was not spending more time talking to him. Since his passing I made it a priority to do everything in my life like it was my last day.

This means achieving everything I wanted out of life even if I failed. At least the day I go I will not have any regrets.

Want to know how to live a good life and the best life possible? I’m going to discuss how you can do this without regretting any moments in your life.

What Does Regret Mean To You?

To me regret means looking back at something in your life and wishing you had done things differently.

You can regret bad things you have done such as mistreating someone, cheating on someone you loved, poor business decision, not taking an advantage of a career opportunity, or held back on taking action on something due to a past negative experience.

Some of my biggest regrets was not starting a business earlier in my life. I also regret not engaging in personal development in my early adult years when I clearly needed direction and purpose in my life.

Putting Aside Emotional Pain To Move Forward

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As I have always mentioned you need to put pain from the past behind you in order to live a good life without regrets. Hanging on to the past serves no purpose. It will act as a vice continuing to hold you down from true happiness.

As well you will never progress to find your true meaning in life. For example my father used to say to me I would never be a good martial artist. At one point in my life I had quit martial arts wanting nothing to do with it. For me the pressure of trying to prove him wrong was not worth it. Instead I focused on other sports. However, martial arts was my passion and love. When I watched my first UFC and saw a small Brazilian man named Royce Gracie dismantle larger opponents I was hooked. Instead of allowing my father’s negative comments to continue to keep me away from martial arts I returned to competition. In the end, I went on to win many major international tournaments.

Winning these tournaments has made me at peace with myself as a martial artist. I feel whole inside with nothing to prove anymore. To compete now will be icing on the cake, win or lose. I can now enjoy the experience it brings me, free of ego. It has opened up my eyes to other challenges I want to take on it life such as public speaking, and other business opportunities.

When you let go of your emotional baggage it’s like the blinders have been lifted from your eyes. You begin to see everything differently. Opportunities present itself everyday where in the past you just waste your day thinking about a miserable past. Forget about it. The past is the past. You cannot change it. What you can control and change is TODAY.

This brings me to an interesting conversation I had with one of my students yesterday. We were talking about a rant between a group of people on Facebook. One of the commentator’s had made some very personal attacks on people. At first I was very upset and thought about posting something. I held back because I sat there reading this back and forth between the posters. Suddenly I looked at my watch, realized I had just spent 20 minutes reading this garbage. I thought to myself I just wasted 20 minutes of my life which I will never get back reading garbage that has absolutely no benefit to me. During that time I could have read a couple of great chapters on personal development, learn a new skill, or go for a nice walk with my dog.

Get Rid Of Gossip Mongers


This brings me to the next point. Don’t get involved with rumors or other negative people. When you do this you become a part of their negative environment. Their energy will affect the way you think limiting your happiness.

Instead find other like minded people who are positive and truly interesting in helping you be happy. A good way to find these people is to ask them what they do in their life. What hobbies do they enjoy, are they successful, do they help others, and do they inspire you to be better. If their core values align with yours than make every effort to hang out with them.

One of the things I look for when determining if I want to spend quality time with an individual is their mannerisms. I stay clear of people who spend every second tearing down others, griping about how horrible their life is, or trying to convince others to join in on their miserable journey.

It is no wonder why only a few make it out of the ghetto while most will stay there to carry on with a life of crime passing it on to the next generation. You decide which path you want to go down. Who you hang out with can profoundly impact your life down the road.

Try Something New – Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone Dammit!

To live a great life without regret is to step out of your comfort zone. Fear keeps us from achieving ultimate happiness in life. I know for some flying is paralyzing. So much so that they don’t go with the rest of the family on vacations. Flying was one of my biggest phobias. This was due in part to a news report I saw as a child. It was an horrible airplane crash in Chicago during the 80’s. Those images were etched into my head. I began to realize how much I would be missing if I did not address this fear. Think of all the world experiences I would miss out on. The cultural and historical ones.


One of the ways I got over my fear was looking at a map of the globe which illustrated the number of flights that crisscrossed the globe every day. It was amazing to look at. Thousands and thousands of flights taking off without incident. We rarely hear about plane crashes. The chances of it happening to one of us is very low. In fact, I don’t know of anyone in my life who has been involved or died in a plane accident. I do know lots who died from a disease or car accidents.

Find An Outlet For Negative Emotions

Release any negative emotions through exercise, singing, or attending a comedy event. It’s a great way to let out our emotions instead of letting them pent up inside. I used to harbor a lot of negative emotions from the past. I realized many years later how it prevented me from living a truly happy life. It robbed me of my joy and ability to appreciate everything life had to offer. I’m proud to say once I got rid of these daily negative thoughts my life has turned around completely. Life is meant to be enjoyed, don’t let things you cannot control ruin or take away this pleasure.

Start eating healthy foods. When you incorporate healthy eating habits into your life you will notice a huge difference in how you feel. You skin will glow, and your energy level will increase. These positive changes will have you hoping out of bed in the morning eager for what’s ahead in your day.

Having regrets is common. The most common regret when people are dying is wishing they had did what they wanted in life instead of what others expected of them. So go out there today and start fulfilling your dreams.

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