How To Easily Free Yourself From Negative Thoughts By Applying The Laws Of Attraction


Are you happy, sad, optimistic, or depressed? Did you know how you are feel and what you feel inside is a key component when it comes to applying the laws of attraction? Many of us do not know the difference between emotions and thought. Emotions are what we feel. For example, are you feeling depressed, lazy, worried, or fearful. A thought on the other hand is what creates your emotion.

It is important to be aware when we are feeling negative or positive. It is easy to fall into a trap of feeling negative and not be aware we are doing it. We are bombarded by negative images all the time and everywhere we go.

The news is a perfect example of this. What do you see when you view the front page of a newspaper? Probably a news report on a homicide, disaster, the failing economy, or a war. These things serve no purpose for us as we cannot change the fact that it has already happened. It only serves to put more negativity into our daily lives and control us. The only thing we can change is the moment we currently live in which is the present.

Even though you are not involved in any of these bad events they still instill a negative image in your head thus reducing your positive vibration energy. In the end, this negative energy will only consume you making you more depressed and sad.

Listen To What Your Emotions Are Telling You

When I began to get in touch with my emotions I became more aware of how it affected my life. As a result, my life changed for the better. I stopped reading the newspaper and watching the news. It’s incredible how much better I felt each day. I had more energy, more optimism, happiness. The weight on my shoulders decreased making life much better overall.

Now don’t get me wrong I still battle negative thoughts. However, I’m aware of how to deal with it when they enter my mind.

For instance, if something bad happened in my life or I thought about a negative event from the past my first reaction before would be to dwell on it for hours. It would come and go almost like a demon casting it’s spell over me.

Now I quickly realize this is happening and right away I shake it off. Use my swap it method by saying cancel and I think of something that makes me really happy. This can be anything maybe it can be a funny moment you shared with a friend, or love one. It could also be a hobby you enjoy. For me it was practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as this provides me with the ultimate joy in my life.

Nothing Good Comes Out Of Negative Thoughts

Being able to control your emotions is key in applying the laws of attraction. If you are unable to control those emotions you will send out negative energy to the universe. In return you will receive more negative things back into your life.

Applying the laws of attraction for happiness

Just think about this for a moment. I’m sure everyone knows this type of person. If you don’t than you have probably been living on another planet. The person I am referring to is the one who walks around always miserable, never smiles, and every day is a horrible day to them.

Do you ever notice that bad things always happen to this person? They never seem to get a break in life? Poor relationships, unhappiness with life, and always seemed frazzled or on the edge.

I recently met up with a childhood friend who I haven’t seen in 30 years. As a child he was very brilliant especially when it came to the sciences. A very go lucky child from what I remembered. When I caught up with him at a local coffee shop I was really taken back and somewhat saddened at his current state of affairs.

He was still very sharp especially with his understanding of physics. He definitely blows me out of the water with his knowledge of how it works. However the rest of his life was a mess. His relationship with his family which he rarely talks to or see.

I was very happy to reconnect with him after all these years. However, his negative vibe was very strong. He dwelled a lot about his past issues with his parents. I also noticed his new phone was cracked and he always seemed like he was constantly frazzled.

It made me sad to think he had all this talent and to never be able to reach it would have been a shame. I asked him what does he really want. What does his heart desire to do? He said he wanted to own and run his own computer repair shop one day. He believes he can be the best and do better than the others. So I said great let me help you get there by setting your mind straight and getting your head in order.

As soon as he starts switching from a negative mindset to a positive he will begin to notice a huge difference in his life. Opportunities will present itself like never before. I have no doubt he can operate the best computer shop if he consistently applied these simple techniques to his daily life.

How Rating You Emotions Will Instantly Make You Feel Happier!

Okay now that I’ve discussed about getting in touch with your emotions and understanding how feeling good can get the law of attraction to work for you. I am going to share with you a technique on how you can achieve this.

Once again stop to analyze how you are feeling emotionally. This feeling should come from your heart not your head. Now on a scale of 1 – 10 how are you feeling at this moment? Are you bored, angry, disappointed, worried, jealous, or insecure?

If you are feeling any of these emotions you will want to scale it up a notch. Now be true to yourself. It’s not believable that someone can walk around a 10 all the time unless you are taking the “happy pills.”

When you are feeling down make a mental note of it. Start to think of things that bring joy to your life that will bring you up past a 6. A level 6 is what I consider be content, not down but not up either. 7 and up should make you feel empowered, enthusiastic, hopeful, and excited.

Whenever you encounter a situation that has you feeling down try not to view it as a problem but as a challenge. I often ask myself what is the universe trying to tell me. Not long after I will have an answer to my question.

At my last “real” job working in the public sector I was bored stiff. The thought of doing boring work for the rest of my life for a salary did not appeal to me I asked myself what is the meaning of this and what can I do to make my life closer to a level 10. The result was going into business for myself which I am happily doing for the last 10 years.

So in summary remember get in touch with your emotions. If you are feeling bad about something than think of a positive event in your life to bring you positivity level up. I’ve been using this technique for a while and it has worked wonders for me.

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Have a great positive happy day and I will talk to you soon!

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