How to Beat Insomnia to Improve Athletic and Business Performance

Sleep is an important component of mental health and elite performance. A few months ago I came across an article about the Seattle Seahawks using sleeping devices to monitor each player’s quality of sleep. In the past, it was not unusual for players to party late into the night then head to practice the next day. However, times have changed. These little devices can now provide daily data on your performance and reaction times. With competition for jobs there is pressure to perform otherwise another player will take your spot on the roster. Players can now see measurable benefits on quality sleep and performance which gives them incentive to stay out of the night clubs. Players like Tom Brady go to bed at 9pm. It’s no secret why he has arguably become the greatest quarterback the NFL has ever seen.

So if the professional sports teams understand the science of performance in relation to elite athletic performance, shouldn’t we apply this concept to amateur athletes, business people, or executive teams? The simple answer is yes. Imagine the focus, mental clarity, and ability to make better decisions when you are able to get regular quality sleep? How would that transform your ability to increase your income? Fitness level? Reduce stress levels?

One problem, many people have is insomnia. If you are having trouble sleeping, try listening to music.

Dr. Gail Mornhinweg from the University of Kentucky conducted a six month study with 25 adults. The subjects listened to Baroque and New Age music. They all reported falling asleep faster and slept longer. When they stopped listening to the music their sleeplessness returned.

Give this a try if you are suffering from sleepless nights. Sweets dreams!


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