How Can I Impact My Community in A Positive Way?

how do I impact my community

A couple of days ago I received an email from a principal at a local inner city school that I’ve been helping the past few years. Currently they run a breakfast program to feed elementary kids from low income families. I felt the need to get involved a few years ago when I read about their struggles to raise enough supplies to meet their daily requirements.

I started running self-defense seminars to raise awareness and donations for the cause, leading food drives, and soliciting local businesses for their help. Although, these efforts did help the program it still wasn’t enough to meet the growing demand and the work still continues to this day.

What really made me happy was when the principal a few years back informed me that after a year since I got involved they noticed a sharp improvement in the grades of the school children. It is these little things that remind us how we can have such a profound impact on the lives of people. To be a game changer and difference maker in someone’s life in my opinion one of the greatest feelings one can experience. You don’t need to be a celebrity to make a difference, just go out there and do it for a cause that is dear to your heart.

As I sat down in the principles office joined by two other teachers they asked if I can help on two more challenges they were experiencing. The first one, was funding for an after school basketball program. The second, was establishing a computer and robotics program at the school. School budgets are getting stretched and unfortunately inner schools such as this particular one cannot afford programs such as these. Many of these kids cannot afford to play sports or enroll in nearby local community programs.

The two teachers explained that many of the kids who had attendance issues always showed up every day for the basketball, computer programming and robotics workshop. Unfortunately, these programs were only a one week or one-day intro classes, opening the eyes of these young kids on what is possible for them.

Their struggles brought back a lot of memories of my childhood when my parents had barely two nickels to rub together at times. I remember wanting to play certain sports and told we didn’t have the money. It’s a horrible feeling to see your classmates participating in activities while you stand on the sidelines wishing you were a part of something. I’m sure at the same time it’s hard for a parent to say no to their child. I truly believe sport, and having programs available outside of the standard school curriculum provides students the opportunity to explore what they are truly gifted at. Taking this gift away severely limits their ability to see what other career opportunities are out there.

As I sat there listening and contemplating possible solutions to their dilemma, I thought to myself what can I do as an author and speaker to contribute more to my cause. Well, I speak to audiences so why don’t I do this. I decided to donate a portion of my sales on every book I sell and every speaking engagement I do for the rest of my life to help fund programs for inner city school kids. At the same time spread my Human Excellence Project message of achieving incremental excellence on a daily basis.

Ask yourself what impact can you make in the world around you? It doesn’t have to be something on a grand scale. It can be something as simple as making an impact on the people in your daily lives, work, church, or community. Just a simply kindly complimenting every person you interact with everyday can positively impact their lives. Change the way they look at themselves, inspiring them to impact other individuals who turnaround inspire others to greatness.

We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with bad news simply because the fact it sells. There’s enough negativity in the world today, let’s set an example for others by creating more positive experiences impacting the lives around us.

Question: What have you done to positively impact others? How has it transformed this lives? How has it affected your life so far? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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