Do You Know What Separates The Winners From Losers?

winnerAs a business owner and martial arts instructor I’ve had the great pleasure of dealing with a wide range of individuals over the years. Based on my experience, I can usually tell from observing a person’s personality, the words they use, the way they speak if their life is a happy one or not.

In the martial arts industry I encounter a lot of individuals who are “lost souls” looking for a sense of belonging. This is not surprising as martial arts is a great way to improve one’s self-esteem, confidence, and outlook in life. However, some even after a couple of years of training have not gained an ounce of understanding and the benefits of martial arts etiquette. To me martial arts is more than just studying how to defend yourself. It’s about making you into a better, stronger person, both physically and mentally to help you succeed in anything in life.

Quite often I see a few individuals who engage in nothing positive preferring instead to spread more negative energy in this world. It’s a shame to see an art my ancestors, my father, and my masters passed on to be to wasted by a few individuals.

What makes up for these few disappointments is seeing the majority of the students grow from the martial arts experience. They start businesses with little money, move up in society, help others, and carry themselves respectfully in public.

Why are these people winners? While the others who fall to the wayside continue to have miserable lives or spend more time causing trouble for others? Shouldn’t they spend more of their efforts enriching their own lives?

I know for myself I don’t have time each day to wake up deciding who I am going to trash. Can you imagine if all the highly successful people in the world spent every waking hour of their lives tearing others down? There would be no Bill Gates, Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, Martin Luther King, or Malala Yousafzai. Success does not always mean the accumulation of material things. To me it means living your life happily and enriching the ones around you.

In today’s article I’m going to discuss what separates the winners from losers. First off winners are people who take responsibility for their actions. They continually strive to achieve what they want out of life.


Losers do not have all the things they want in life. They continually make excuses for the way their life has turned out. They blame everyone for their problems but fail to acknowledge they are the real problem. They have an excuse for everything that is wrong in their life such as bad luck, parents, or lack of connections.

Common Traits Separating Winners and Losers

1. Winners are fully committed to their success

I’ve never seen a winner who does things halfheartedly. Everyone of them whether it’s sport, business, art, or music puts in the time necessary for success. They commit to take all the action necessary to reach their goal.

Losers only make wishes. They wish the fairy tale godmother will come to sweep their problems away with a swoop of the wand. They put off action over and over again making empty promises to follow through at a future date.

So how does one commit to success?

If you are serious about becoming a winner I will share a tip with you. I know most of the population out there procrastinate. They want success but put off committing to action for another day.

One of the best ways to stay committed is to hangout with other success oriented people. Let them know you have this new goal whether it is to make more money, lose weight, or be a happier person. They will hold you accountable if you start to fall off track. This buddy system works quite well in my fitness classes.

Whatever you do don’t try to partner up with people who have not achieved success. They will do everything to sidetrack you from staying committed to your goal when they lose focus or give up.

2. A winner always look for solutions and knowledge to get ahead

Winners are always studying or looking at resources to help them reach the top. For martial arts I was always studying my opponents. A little secret I would do is film my potential opponents a half a year out from our fight. In the past I used YouTube to look them up but now they have gotten savvy to it and don’t put videos of their fights online.

By filming 6 months or less out I can gather lots of information on their tendencies. In most cases their game does not change a lot within that time period. If it does it usually will not come into play at a tournament as they will not be comfortable using any new techniques. I will go to any lengths to get an edge on my competitors.

When it comes to business, look for mentors and reading materials. Put your ego aside as nobody knows everything. Always look for people who know more than you because they always have golden nuggets of information that is invaluable to your long term success.

Losers on the other hand will say they don’t know or there is no solution to the problem.


3. Winners view problems as mere obstacles

A winner never view problems as the end of a road. The loser will see hopelessness, despair, and blame others around them. When looking at a problem one needs to ask themselves if it is really that bad or is it just a temporary setback?

Problems help you learn and grow. As I always say to my students, “a mistake is not a mistake unless you make it twice.”

In most cases when you have time to think about it there is always a solution lurking around the corner. A possible opportunity?

During the depression in the 30’s many people were out of work barely surviving. However, the fact is more people became millionaires during this period than anytime in American history. Fascinating isn’t it?

4. Winners are not afraid to lose

I used to be afraid of losing. It didn’t matter if it was a pickup game of volleyball or business. I was so afraid of what others would think of me.

Would they think less of me?

Would I be subjected to ridicule forever?

To tell you the truth it was all in my head. The ones that do talk negatively about you are not your real friends anyway. Those people should be dropped immediately from your life.

I remember one individual in university who used to talk trash about everyone behind their back to me. I started to wonder what he was saying about me when I was not around. The more I spoke to different people, the more I found out how two faced this individual was. I’m happy to had never gotten close to this individual. It taught me a great lesson on who your true friends really are. They are the ones who are always happy to help you regardless of their circumstances.

Learning to not worry about losing gave me peace of mind when I returned to martial arts competition. Win or lose the support of those who mattered most was always there. It allowed me to relax and perform at my best under pressure. Losing allowed me to learn and grow. My true friends were always by my side to help me get to the top.

Losers make every excuse for their lousy performances. They downplay peoples success due to their jealousy. They fail to accept responsibility for their own lives.

5. Winners always take massive action

A winner does everything necessary to ensure their success. They are not afraid to take that first step to forge ahead. All of them believe in making their own luck and not living their life by default.

Losers on the other hand say they will try. There is no such thing is try. You either do something or you do nothing. To try means you are leaving an excuse to fall back on if you do not succeed.

There you go guys and gals. Some of my opinions on the differences between a winner and a loser. Hope this article will help those who have a desire to seriously succeed in everything they do.

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