Dead Celebrity Shares His Success Formula Using Positive Affirmation Quotes

Positive Affirmation Quotes Bruce Lee

Are you a sucker for feel good stories? Who doesn’t love positive affirmation quotes? I certainly do. It inspires us, often memorable and gives us hope to push further. When used they can have a powerful effect on our pysche. Movies that aim to inspire us always have these memorable quotes to lift the spirits of the audience.

I love stories of overcoming obstacles, and perseverance. They say the backup quarterback in the most popular person on the football team. There is a good reason for this. People love the underdog and they love a comeback story. I absolutely loved the movie The Pursuit Of Happyness, the story of a father who was homeless who went on to become a millionaire. Of course who doesn’t love the greatest comeback movie ever Rocky.

pursuit of happiness

In all these movies the characters possessed a never say die attitude. Over the years I’ve read stories of famous people who overcame their struggles to fulfill their dreams. It’s fascinating reading about their journey to the top from humble beginnings.

What is important for you to learn here is they set their goals according to what their heart desired. Then set upon the long path to achieved them. The key element is to be success conscious. One important point to be aware of is what you desire must come from the heart. By this I mean it should be a burning passion that you feel. Otherwise you will be disappointed and fail.

I know this to be true from my experience. When I decided to quit my job 10 years ago to start my own business my wife told me I was crazy. I remember calling her from my office to inform her of my decision. Silence soon erupted into screaming followed by the sound of the phone hanging up on me.

However, her anger and disappointment did not faze me nor change my mind. It only reinforced what I wanted. Naysayers are always going to try to change your mind but if you are true to what your heart desires they will never be able to sway your decision.

That night she came home and told me she was sorry and was going to support my decision. I don’t blame her for being angry. She grew up in a household that preached the stability of having a job. In her world having a business meant risk and uncertainty. Her perspective and reaction to my decision was based solely out of fear. I asked her what changed her mind about my decision. She said it doesn’t matter what she thought. She knew I was going to do go through with my decision regardless of how she felt because she knew my heart was set on it.

Fear I must add only keeps us from doing great things. It limits us. Holds us back from being creative and achieving what we truly desire. How many people do you know would say to you the words, I wish I would have done this, I could have been wealthier, or I wish I forgave this person for what they did to me now it’s too late.

It makes me shudder at the thought of all the talented people out there who could of achieved more in their life. Instead, out of fear they chose to not try at all. There are two types of people in this category. The first one is the dreamer. This group dreams of success but are too lazy to take action to realize their dream.

The second type gets a job that pays well and it is perceived to be secure. They do this in order to not risk being a failure. They play in the middle by not taking the risk to become highly successful. By doing so they will look like a success to their friends and family. However, this is a false sense of security because a company can fire you anytime. Your world can quickly be turned upside by someone else which you have no control over.

I attended a conference recently where one of the founders of Superfeet spoke about the time he got laid off by Bauer as their vice-president. His words to us were, you can be the most loyal employee, but no matter how hard you work if you don’t own the company. You don’t control your destiny. This couldn’t be true enough.


If you do not learn to overcome fear you will never know what you could be. I know in my case I wouldn’t be here sharing my story or touching the lives of the many students I’ve taught over the years if I hadn’t gotten past my fear of failure.

Set Goals Achieve Them Raz Chan

I set a goal to create successful business and nothing in my mind was going to stop me from achieving success. Prior to this I visualized myself teaching a room full of people from wall to wall sharing my knowledge and inspiring them. When it came true I had to pinch myself as I couldn’t believe I was there. My father said to me one day, son it was my dream to teach martial arts for a living I couldn’t do it and you did.

Now almost 10 years later I find myself wanting more in my life. That dream is to inspire and captivate a worldwide audience to follow their dreams through mind, body, and spirit. I believe all of these ingredients are necessary in order to have complete harmony in ones life.

What We Can Learn From Famous People

One of my idols was the late martial arts superstar Bruce Lee. When Bruce arrived in America he struggled financially. Although he achieved modest fame co-starring in the TV series The Green Hornet, he was unable to break through the racial barriers in Hollywood during the sixties.

With little money coming in and a wife and two young kids to support, he set out to Hong Kong where he became an international icon. Unfortunately, Bruce passed away before he could relish in his success. His movie Enter The Dragon was released in the summer of 1973, a month after he passed. It went on to become the highest grossing martial arts movie in history.

What most people don’t know is Bruce wrote down his vision before becoming a star. It is this letter title “My Definite Chief Aim” that inspired me along with other martial arts enthusiasts throughout the world. However you don’t have to be a fan of martial arts to see the power of goal setting and visualization.

Goal Setting Achieve Them

Here is a great video with his daughter Shannon Lee talking about her late father’s methods for being success oriented and how she wants to carry on his inspiration to future generations:

I hope this post has motivated you to take action to follow your passions. Perhaps you are already on that road and reading this only served to confirm you are on the right path to success.

Remember take actionable steps, stay focus, set small achievable goals along the way with the big picture in mind, and most of all believe in yourself when no one else will.

So long for today! I will see you next time.

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  • Nicole Cauchon

    That is very inspiring and I believe in it…….. Visualizing your goal is very important and keep focusing on it…
    Thank you for sharing.
    Nicole Cauchon

    • Raz Chan

      Your gratitude is appreciated Nicole. I’m glad you found my post helpful!

  • American Listed Artist Dennis Akervik Coelho

    In today’s world it is important for people to believe not only in themselves but also toconstantly reinforce the most important thing: To live in the moment.We tend to regress into the past ood or bad as either become our comfort zone. We need to reprogram what has been imprinted on our subconscious mind.The reason self help programs get shelved shortly after buying them is that in order to move on we must de-fragment, as most of what we have learned from our parental figures was either inaccurate or wrong or only partly. In order to learn and move forward being able to absorb new mental curriculum.Creating affirmative triggers to use as mantras is a good way to go throughout the retraining process. Bruce Lee recognized the need for discipline.I would like to discuss more of my theories with you. The key is letting go and reconditioning.

    Den Coelho
    American Listed Artist/Consultant.

    • Raz Chan

      Well said Den. Thank you for your comment and visiting my blog. Just imagine if we taught every child how to use positive affirmations and how to harness their inner power. So many more would go on the achieve greater things when they got older. I certainly wish I had discovered personal development when I was a teen. It certainly would have gotten me through a lot of difficult years,