Qigong & Mindfulness for Stress & Anxiety



Qigong is an ancient art of energy (chi) cultivation practiced by Chinese and Buddhist monks for centuries. Many martial arts have embraced qigong to help them further improve their energy and vitality. Today qigong is practiced by people of all ages as a way of maintaining health. The subtle and gentle movements makes it a suitable form of low impact exercise for individuals with injuries, chronic illnesses such as low back pain, arthritis, anxiety, cancer, heart conditions, and muscle stiffness. Scientific studies have found qigong to be beneficial in helping alleviate many of these health problems.

This unique class will incorporate the best from both eastern and western healing arts…qigong, osteopathy stretching, and self-accupressure techniques. Students will walk away from each class with a sense of mental clarity, relaxation, and a feeling of being in touch with their inner spirit.

Corporate Wellness



Looking for a bestselling author on health, mindfulness and personal development to help your organization reduce stress, sick days, improve productivity, and create a more healthy workplace?

Raz Chan is available for 2 day, full day, 1/2 day workshops.

Attendees will learn the following…

  • Qigong & self-accupressure massage to relieve stress, headaches, muscle tension
  • Active isolated stretching to avoid or eliminate repetitive strain injuries
  • Foods to eat to improve focus, and productivity
  • Foods to avoid that hamper performance at work
  • How to minimize stress by uncluttering your life
  • How to get things done and achieve goals that positively impact your life
  • How to use body language to boost your self-image

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