Be Your Best – Bring Out the Celebrity Factor in You!

celebrity factor

When a new student steps into a martial studio, they are often timid, perhaps even confused when it comes to learning a new technique. Everything seems foreign to them, the movements, the values, or the environment.  They are at the bottom of the totem pole in rank, the lowly white belt as some may call it.

Every student begins their martial arts journey at this level, they are raw, and limited in their knowledge. Much like a person who begins their journey to becoming successful in life. Whether you are a struggling artist, business owner, or junior manager, we all started with very little or nothing.

In the world of business, entertainment, or politics, the top people are like black belts in their field, Sir Richard Branson, Ellen DeGeneres, or Barack Obama. They have experienced the highest peaks in their career and have fallen to the bottom of the mountain as well during their ascend to the top. Dusting themselves off, and getting back up to try again each time they fall to the ground.

However, like all success driven individuals they elect to sit in the driver’s seat, not allowing their future to be dictated by outside forces but rather the power from within. The harnessing and nurturing of the inner power comes from the continual process of self-education. Too often we place these famous people on a pedestal, believing they are the chosen few with god like skills. We admire, look at them from a far, never once thinking we could someday stand side by side with them.

Instead, we make excuses on why we cannot achieve the same success. We listen to our friends, parents, teachers, and all the naysayers telling us we are out of our mind for thinking we could one day achieve all our dreams. As a result, we walk away with our heads down bowing to other people’s opinions of our self-worth to the world.

Ten years, twenty years, thirty years quickly pass by, and we find ourselves reminiscing in our senior years dreaming of what it could have been. What if I bought that piece of real estate? What if I did ask that person out for a date? What if I had traveled more? How would my life would have turned out if I made myself happy first before satisfying others wants or needs?

Today I want you to stand tall among the experts, the gurus, and celebrities. You too can make a significant impact in this world. Don’t let finances, or a less than ideal background hold you back from achieving your goals. Rest assured, the majority of famous people started with nothing.

Motivational speaker Les Brown was a dishwasher without a college degree, yet went on to become one of the top speakers in the world.

Ellen DeGeneres waited tables, painted houses and worked as a legal secretary before she hit the big time.

I had the great opportunity to speak with Tom Bahler at a function last fall in Hollywood. He has produced some of the greatest musical hits over the years such as We Are the World, working with some of the greatest musical talents of our time like Michael Jackson, Billy Joel, and Barbara Streisand. Despite his success I found him to be one of the humblest, down to earth people I’ve ever met. A true gentleman, sharing his wisdom with me on the topic of storytelling speeches. My point here is people like Tom are regular people like you and I who worked hard to achieve great success in life. If you want the same thing, start doing all the things necessary everyday to get there. Stop making excuses of on “why not” but rather “what it can be.”

Start accelerating your road to success today, study every book on your passion, listen to an audio CD, find mentors, take some chances, be prepared for disappointment but never let it stop you, and keep up to date on the experts in your field. A black belt never stops learning, forever adopting the mindset of a white for the rest of their life.  Constantly remind yourself of this principle every day, in due time you will reap the rewards of your hard work.

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