Are You Aware The Symptoms Of Stress From Work Can Kill You?


Symptoms of Stress From Work

We live in a technological age where things were supposed to be easier than our parents generation. Instead, this change has brought about more stress in the workplace. As corporations downsize workers who are lucky enough to avoid the layoffs are required to take on more tasks. Many take on the roles of two jobs in order for the company to increase their bottom line.

This brings additional stress to employees. To deal with it one must know how to recognize the symptoms of stress from work. By doing so you will be able to find ways to alleviate the stress before it affects your long term health.

Studies show that people under stress for long periods of time are more likely to develop disease. This can be a cold, flu, cancer, heart problems, or cancer eventually leading to death. With that in mind it is important to learn how to deal with the symptoms of stress immediately before it becomes a major problem.

Chronic stress is a warning sign to your body that we are out of balance. It is a call to you from the universe that something in your life has to change and be re-evaluated. It’s telling you the priorities in your life must change.

Common Signs of Stress You Need To Know

1. Feelings of Loneliness – When you feel a disconnect from friends and family. During this period you will feel isolated when you are among the people closest to you. You suddenly grow quiet and keep to yourself.

2. Feelings Of Insecurity – You become paranoid that everyone is criticizing and judging you even though they are not. You become shy around people who display confidence.

3. Reduced Concentration & Loss of Memory – You start of become forgetful and details you once remembered are now quickly forgotten.

4. Telephone Calls & Emails Go Unanswered – You don’t feel like conversing or communicating with people anymore. Instead you prefer to be alone.

5. Difficultly Sleeping – You have trouble falling asleep at night. When you finally do you toss and turn all night. A result, you never seem to get a good night’s rest.

6. Fatigue – You are always tired no matter how many hours of sleep you get per night.

7. Major Mood Swings – You become more emotional. Your mood will display lots of highs and lows. You’re either really excited or really dejected.

8. Increased Irritability – Your become more impatient and have the tendency to snap at people for no apparent reason.

9. Restlessness – You’ll find yourself unable to sit still and constantly fidgeting.

10. Overworking – You use staying at work as a way as way to deal with your stress or you call in sick more often.

11. Compulsive Behavior – Your daily life becomes more routine and you are unwilling to try anything new. You may start to over eat, drink, smoke or use compulsive shopping as an excuse.

12. Loss of appetite – We lose interest in food or we over eat. When we eat it is not healthy instead it’s junk food.

relax, keep calm, enjoy life

If you display any of these signs of stress then you must take a step back to re-evaluate what is important in your life. When we suffer from stress our lives feel like they are moving a million miles per second. We need to learn to slow this speed down so we can enjoy what life brings us.

Just think of your life as a beautiful journey. If you are going full speed everyday you will miss all the good things along the way. By the time you realize this it might be too late. These precious moments can be spent with a love one, living a healthy life, vacationing, or enjoying friends.

Do yourself a favour. Don’t let time pass you by. I just had a friend who was diagnosed last November of colon cancer. He is still very young and the one advice he had for me was life is precious. You think you have all the time in the world to do things the next day. You keep putting off calling that friend, going on vacation, or forgiving someone who hurt you. Believing you have time to do it sometime in the future. When you are hit with an life threatening illness you quickly realize how precious these moments may be.

So do me a favour today after you read this. Take a moment to relieve yourself from the environment that is causing you the stress. Be selfish and go enjoy yourself. You deserve it and owe it to yourself.

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