Amazing Story Of Billy Ray Harris: Homeless Man returns Ring After Discovering It In His Coffee Cup

Billy Ray Harris

I was surfing the net the other night and came across this feel good story on Billy Ray Harris. The headline “Homeless Man Returns Ring” immediately caught my attention. As I read through the story it took some unexpected turns. Suddenly this feel good story unfolded into something unexpected. This story really touched my heart and it will touch yours as well.

Life changing events take place everyday around the world. This serves to remind us the importance of helping others in need and the power of gratitude.

As the story goes, Billy Ray Harris was a homeless panhandler living on the streets of Kansas City. Each day he would take his spot on a busy street corner. One day a lady by the name of Sarah Darling had put her ring in her coin purse. When she saw Billy panhandling on the street she wanted to help so she emptied all the coins from her coin purse into his change cup. Forgetting that she had put the ring in there earlier.

When Billy discovered the ring in his cup he was surprised. He took it to a local jeweler who offer $4,000 for the ring. Thoughts raced through his head. Should he sell it or give it back?

Wow…what a decision to make? Most people in a dire situation such as his probably would have sold it. After all $4,000 when you don’t have a fixed address could make a big difference in ones life.

However, he decided to wait it out to see if the owner of the ring would return. She eventually did and was so touched by Billy’s integrity and honesty. When asked why he returned the ring he said his grandfather was a reverend and taught him the value of being honest. He said despite his situation those teachings still resonated strongly with him. He said his grandfather taught him to be thankful to god for everything

What soon followed after this really made me emotional. The owner of the ring Sarah Darling set up a fundraiser under Harris’s name to help him out. Initially they thought the funds would amount to a few hundred to maybe a thousand at best.

The story went viral and raised over a total of $191,000! Billy has now bought his own home, car, and does public speaking. He has also reunited with his family members who saw him on the news. His sister hasn’t seen him in 10 years.

So what can we learn from this story? The power of positive actions, gratitude, and the gift of optimism are some of the main things I can draw from here.

What I learned from Billy was despite his circumstances he still remained positive in his outlook. His gratitude and appreciation for what life has given him helped connect him with Sarah Darling. I believe their positive energies told the universe to bring them together that day.

Sarah on the other hand wanted to help Billy when she first emptied her coins into his cup.

In the Law of Attraction when you help someone you get back twice as much. What they gave out to the universe all came back to them more stronger and more powerful. Eventually changing both their lives forever. Sarah received her precious engagement ring back and enjoys the feeling of turning around another human beings life. While Billy receives a new lease on life. He now can go on to help inspire others that honesty, integrity, and gratitude pays off.

So the next time you see someone down on their luck stand back and think about the situation. Try not to judge them. Not everyone is a scam artist. I usually wait to see if someone asks me for money. If they don’t usually I listen to their story to find out how they got into that situation. I once saw a young girl huddled in a sleeping shivering on a damp night. It was in the nicer part of town which I thought was unusual. As my wife and I returned from our dinner she was still there. So I headed to a nearby coffee shop and bought a hot chocolate, chicken soup and a sandwich. She seemed surprised when I tapped her on the shoulder to give her the food. I remember the look of gratitude on her face. I just said I saw you shivering out here tonight so I brought you something to help you out. I hope you don’t mind. She said thank you and I went on my way.

So next time you have the opportunity try to do something nice for a stranger. You will not only feel great doing it but you will be rewarded by the universe in some form or another.

I hope you enjoyed this inspiring story. Feel free to leave a comment below and share it. I will talk to you next time!

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