Dealing with Haters and Critics: The Biggest Mistake That Will Rob You of Success

We live a world where we are constantly being judged or judge others. It could be your weight, physical appearance, job performance, or on the athletic field of play. No matter how much we would like to stay out of the lime light people will always judge you in one form or another. Having success […]

3 Reasons Why Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Can Help Entrepreneurs Succeed

I began training in the martial arts about 42 years ago when my father took me down to the local Taekwondo school in Winnipeg. I remember being enamored by Bruce Lee movies, his speed, and charisma gave him a superhero status among Asians and Westerners. Reflecting over my career the martial arts became more than […]

3 Ways to Master the Art of Daily Improvement

In my decade long coaching career, I’ve had talented students who have make big improvements in a short period of time all of the sudden tail off while students who had less talent improved steadily over time. So why do some find success so quickly yet fail to maintain it while others have a slower […]

Budo: How to Develop Mental Toughness to Overcome Adversity

I’ve always been fascinated with the power of the human spirit. While I don’t watch a lot of movies, I do have to say my favorites are inspirational ones which highlight the will of overcoming adversity despite great challenges. Each one of these movies share experiences of overcoming the odds. One of my favorites is […]

3 Ways Stretching Builds Mental Toughness for Entrepreneurs

There is nothing like a good stretch after sitting in the office chair working away in the office for hours, but do your really know the true benefits of regular stretching? Most people treat stretching as an after thought, that is until we feel that tension coming on. Others will view stretching as just yoga […]

How to Beat Insomnia to Improve Athletic and Business Performance

Sleep is an important component of mental health and elite performance. A few months ago I came across an article about the Seattle Seahawks using sleeping devices to monitor each player’s quality of sleep. In the past, it was not unusual for players to party late into the night then head to practice the next […]

Wake Up with Determination. Go to Bed With Satisfaction.

There are no shortcuts in life to success on and off the field. The inner game, the grit, and how much internal drive you possess is the key to becoming an elite performer. To often people give a half hearted effort expecting great results. They are quickly disappointed, quit, or fail to realize their initial […]

3 Ways You Can Develop the Mental Toughness of a Black Belt for Business, Health, and Sports

I thought it would be cool to put something visual for you to help you develop your mindset. The three principles I outlined in this info graphic is a great starting point for those struggling to excel at anything in life. Remember all successful people began with nothing at one point. However, it is those […]

Don't Be Ashamed of Your StoryYesterday night, I received a wonderful surprise message from an audience member who listened to me speak a month ago.

I was deeply touched that my message inspired him. Before this journey into motivational speaking I had all these doubts, who would listen to me? I’m not a celebrity or a famous person.

What I came to realize was that was my alter ego speaking to me; my negative inner chatter telling me I’m crazy, not good enough, who do you think you are, forget about your dreams, stay small and crawl back into the hole you came from. This is what I believed and felt as a teen.

My message to all of you who feel unfulfilled in life, to let go, stop living for others, and start doing things for yourself. The average lifespan of a human being is 80 years old.

Don’t you feel you deserve to make every second in your life count? Make it happen starting today!

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