5 Sure Fire Ways to Maximize Your Success

Recently I gave a speech at a company on presentation skills, about 20 minutes into my speech I asked for volunteers to come up. It took a little coaxing but not surprisingly the majority preferred to fade into background. For the majority of the population it’s difficult to step out of front of an audience […]

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Skyrocket Your Mental Clarity with Daily Aerobic Exercise

Injuries are all a part of physical exercise; they can happen to the best of us despite taking all the necessary precautions to avoid them from happening. When I was recovering from injury I often experienced extreme swings in moodiness. When I get like this my poor wife hustles me out the door for a […]


Learn from Suffering: 3 Ways to Turn Adversity into Greatness

Back in 2004, I was in the beginning stages of my journey in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, as I became more interested in the art of grappling I began exploring other combative arts to help add to my game. One of those was the art of catch wrestling made famous by a gentleman named Farmer Burns. Upon […]

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Building Respect in The Workplace and Outside

When I was growing up my parent’s stressed the importance of thinking about others first before reacting to a given situation. At first it seemed like the right thing to do, I mean who would want to intentionally cause physical or emotional harm to another human being in the first place. I agree people’s feelings […]

building respect in the workplace

Winners Always Find Positives in Less Than Ideal Childhoods

This past weekend I was invited to be a guest speaker at my friend’s public speaking class for kids. My goal was to inspire these kids to step out of their comfort zone. Within minutes of my speech I could see many of them were apprehensive about sharing their hopes and dreams for the future. […]

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Be Your Best – Bring Out the Celebrity Factor in You!

When a new student steps into a martial studio, they are often timid, perhaps even confused when it comes to learning a new technique. Everything seems foreign to them, the movements, the values, or the environment.  They are at the bottom of the totem pole in rank, the lowly white belt as some may call […]

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The Ninja Tip for Self-Discipline


The art of self-discipline is to be in charge of your emotions. The best martial arts fighters learned to master this principle early in their training. In the highest, most intense moments of their competitive career they accept full responsibility for their actions. After a loss, it’s easy for some to blame the referees, coaches, and other outside factors for their results.

However, the champions never make excuses, complain or criticize others for what could have been. They accept total responsibility, doing everything they can to resolve situation, and attain lifelong excellence.

Apply this martial arts champion mindset to your daily life, soon you will start enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Practicing The Power of Self-Discipline from the Dojo to the Boardroom

It’s been over 12 years since I began my journey from white belt to black in the art of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. If you include my years as a martial artist, you can say it’s been 42 since my father first enrolled me in Taekwondo class at the age of 5. In those years, I’ve seen […]

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How I Found Success After Eliminating TV


The average North American spends nearly 6 hours a day watching television. If we multiply this amount by 7 days it would mean we spend more time watching TV than people working a 40 hour work week.  I cut down the amount of time I spent watching TV a number of years ago to a few hours a week. I can’t even begin to tell you how much of a difference it has made in my daily, monthly, and yearly productivity.

Try eliminating one  hour of TV per day, and use that extra hour to do something productive such as exercise, learning a new skill, spending more quality time with family,  read books on success, listen to self-help audios, or make more sales calls. Do this for an entire year, I guarantee you’ll surely reap the rewards of your efforts.

Hard Work Always Wins Over Talent When Talent Doesn’t Work

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Many people believe they cannot achieve certain things in life because of the lack of talent. This belief cannot be further from the truth. There are certain things such as genetic factors or being born into wealth that provides a head start for some individuals, but this should not prevent you from success in anything you wish to pursue.

Research has showed us that people who practice a skill for 1o years can surpass people with talent in sports, arts, and music. To further back this study, people who lack natural talent who practice for 20 years diligently on a skill, achieve world class expertise.

Always stay positive, keep working daily towards your dreams, in time you will reach the pinnacle of success.